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Water Jetting Training

WJA Registered Training Providers

Registered Training Providers are Members or Associates of The Water Jetting Association. Some are licensed to supply the One Day Safety Awareness Course (SA) others can also supply the Additional Training Modules; DS - Drain & Sewer Cleaning, SP - Surface Preparation, TP - Tube & Pipe Cleaning and CB - Cutting & Breaking (Hydro-demolition).  All these Training Providers offer the "Mandatory Safety Awareness Training Course". Successful candidates become eligible for the Certificate and 'Photo ID Card' which combines a passport size photo and the wording from the Medical Card on the reverse side (see sample card hereunder)



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The Association has approved the practical two day course for drain and sewer cleaning using high pressure water.

The Association award a "Certificate of Training Achievement" (as of July 2012 all WJA Training Courses are 'Accredited by City & Guilds') to those attending the course providing:

  • The trainees pass the test at the end of the course.
  • The training provider meets all the rules laid down by the Association for running the courses.
  • The qualifications of the instructors must show that they are competent to carry out the work.

The course is based entirely on the Associations "Code of Practice for the use of High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment". It is a practical course containing hands on training with equipment together with some lecture room subjects. The coarse is designed to give the trainee knowledge of a safe way in which to use the equipment. It gives information on safe entry into confined spaces but makes no attempt to provide full instruction on the safety procedures involved. It is assumed that trainees would have already been trained in the procedures if their future duties require them.

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at:

  • New or inexperienced operators of water jetting equipment used for drain/sewer cleaning.
  • Experienced operators who have not had previous training and who needs to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Experienced operators who require re-training (Refresher) due to changes in equipment specification or legislation.
  • Those persons who, for whatever reason, need to know more about the practical aspects of the operation of the equipment specification or legislation.