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                          THE WATER JETTING ASSOCIATION

                Welcome to the official website of The Water Jetting Association (WJA).  


The WJA formally known as the Association of High Pressure Water Jetting Contractors (AHPWJC) was formed over 35 years ago by a small group of like minded Contractors, Manufacturers and Hirers all committed to raising Safety Standards within the emerging Industry of High Pressure Water Jetting.

These initial Aims & Objectives still ring true today - the first Code of Practice (CoP) was published in 1982 - and over the next 30 years the CoP has been subject to 7 re-writes - finally in 2002 becoming the A4 Blue Code of Practice that we have today and which has been subject to a further major re-write (2015).

This has all evolved through the WJA Technical Committee with the valued assistance of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and is now recognised as the High Pressure Water Jetting Industry Standard.