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43-49 Nuffield Road Nuffield Industrial Estate Poole, BH17 0RA United Kingdom


Water Jetting Training Academy – Partnering for Performance

“Improving Your Profitability Through Knowledge Transfer & Training”

Introducing a new concept and standard for water jetting training


A new standard in water jetting training has been set with the launch of the Water Jetting Training Academy (WJTA) in 2020 (part of the ASL Group).

The WJTA is a Water Jetting Association approved training provider that has been designed from the bottom up to meet the current urgent and future needs of organisations requiring training and expert support.

The UK Academy is based at a bespoke facility on the site of Poole Process Equipment Ltd (in Poole, Dorset), which is also part of the ASL Group.

We provide unrivalled facilities for high quality water jetting training on one site and in an environment that is COVID-19 secure. All the while also allowing for the most effective transfer of skills from professional and experienced water jetting training instructors out of the industry.

The Water Jetting Training Academy is also setting up academies based on the same format and with the same high training standards in both the Middle East and South East Asia to meet the needs of our Group’s clients overseas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified problems with the current model for carrying out water jetting training, something which the Water Jetting Training Academy has directly addressed in its new academy style structure.

Training environments will be of a uniformly high standard. Concerns about COVID-19 will not be able to disrupt training schedules while running courses as allowed under any additional government controls. This will give clients the key assurance that their colleagues and/or entire teams will always be trained in an environment compliant with all required standards.

The training facilities will allow the WJTA to provide clients with a range of other related training courses so all training needs can be cost-effectively co-ordinated.

Our new approach will assist our clients and partners with planned training, or when mobilising teams for large and potentially complex projects where multiple training needs may need to be met quickly and smoothly.

The size and design of the Academy in Poole means there is space for practical elements of each course to be delivered on site and across multiple equipment set-ups with individual bays for trainees to work in under direct supervision.

The Water Jetting Training Academy’s disinfection and control protocols not only meet requirements to make facilities COVID-19 secure – they comprehensively exceed them. A snapshot of COVID-19 countermeasures include:

Regular fogging of training areas with a world-leading disinfectant, extra sanitation items;

Supply of surgical-grade face masks and individual sanitised learner packs;

Social distancing systems built into the design of the academy from first concept to fulfilment.

Uniquely, the WJTA also offers an end-to-end single payment service, supporting our clients with transport and accommodation, all carefully selected to ensure they are also COVID-19 secure.


WJTA – The Complete Solution for Your Training Needs


WJTA Courses


We are able to offer full training on the following syllabus, in a fully COVID-19 risk-controlled environment, and on site-based equipment set-ups for all practical elements:

WJA Safety Awareness Course (SA)

WJA Surface Preparation Module (SP)

WJA Tube and Pipe Module (TP)

WJA Drain and Sewer Module (DS)

WJA Hydro Demolition Module (HD)

Pressure Washing Course (PW) – 1 Day Standalone Option

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