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Tube Tech International Ltd




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Unit 14 Rawreth Industrial Estate Rawreth Lane Rayleigh, SS6 9RL United Kingdom


Tubetech International Ltd

World Leaders in Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Condenser Tube Cleaning – Always Inventing Innovative High Pressure Water Jetting Techniques. We are “The” Global Specialists

Tube Tech International provide tube cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and innovative high pressure water jetting cleaning services to the downstream refining and upstream offshore sectors, petrochemical plants, power generation and water utilities sectors. We promise to improve safety, reduce downtime and increase productivity using highly innovative techniques… every time!

Tube Tech provide a far quicker return on investment by quantifying the benefits upfront e.g faster, cleaner, safer, dry, zero waste, In-Situ or even On-Line. Our highly unique 3D computer animated simulations and scale size replica capability for tube cleaning and heat exchangers cleaning, combined with simultaneous tube inspection provides clients with total confidence in a complete maintenance solution.

Tube Tech provide unique dry “zero waste” heat exchanger cleaning systems such as Laser Blasting and Liquid Ice As an alternative to traditional high pressure water jetting, minimizing or eliminating costly hazardous waste material. Robotic and remote heat exchanger cleaning systems can be introduced when safety is paramount. Tube Tech are able to clean both the tube and shell side of the world’s most challenging industrial heat exchangers and heat transfer plant.

With over 40 alternative cleaning systems and patented technologies we promise to deliver a better service and a more cost effective solution.

Link to Case Studies: https://www.tubetech.com/case-studies-2/


Tube Tech International Ltd
“Success is Assured”.

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