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Tel: 01224 782 278

Website: https://pipetechcfs.com

Email: pipetech@pipetech.no


Badentoy Road Badentoy Park Portlethen, AB12 4YA United Kingdom


Pipetech is an independent pipe and process cleaning solutions specialist focusing on industrial cleaning excellence. We look for the best possible solution to provide our clients with a service and solutions package that is apparelled in the industry. Our experienced and responsive team are focused on solving costly flow, blockage and waste handling problems for oil and gas assets, industrial power, processing plants and refineries. Committed to finding the best technical solution based on our customer’s specific requirements, our nimble team mobilises rapidly and delivers high quality results. Everything we do is aimed at delivering excellence through best practice and reducing costs for our customers.

We employ a wide range of industry leading cleaning solutions from basic to complex tubes, pipes and process equipment. In fact, we have delivered over 500 successful engineered cleaning solutions, on and offshore and yet to find a blockage which we cannot remove.

Pipetech carefully engineer all work scopes and provide the most suitable solution for the intended application typically using sea, potable water or environmentally friendly chemicals, minimising manual labour and mitigating risk. We positively engage all personnel to adopt and innovate best practice and actively participate in client safety objectives, intervening unsafe acts and where necessary.

Our range of solutions mean we can clean to the client`s desired standard or higher, by adopting remote access systems where possible we reduce risk of harm to people and the environment, meaning we will solve problems faster and more smoothly than any of our competitors.

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