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John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling)

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling)

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling)




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2b New Mill Road Clarence Place Kilmarnock, KA1 3JF United Kingdom


John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) is one of the most technologically advanced and cost effective Environmental Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning Companies in the United Kingdom.

Almost 20 Years in Business….

From small beginnings as a Road Sweeping Company in the 1980’s, we have evolved to become one of the most respected Cleaning and Environmentally orientated Companies in the country.

Our Commitment To Our Customers…

To offer our customers the highest levels of service, and a fundamental tool for the management of their Environmental Obligations in a Safe, Legal and Cost Effective manner.


John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) provides high quality cleaning and oil based pollutant containment services to fuel dominated environments. On completion of treatments, John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) customers can expect to see up to a 90% reduction in contaminants and waste products.

The techniques developed and used at John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) have a demonstrated effect on reducing the amount of pollutants reaching our seas, surrounding coastal areas and river tributaries.

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) will ensure that any waste removed from a cleaning process will be disposed of properly. We use only licensed disposal facilities, ensuring that all duty-of-care obligations are met.

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) is in compliance with all current regulations and, as standard procedure, provides all necessary legal documentation.

Drainage and Interceptor Cleaning:

The accumulation of oil, silt, debris and other contaminants within an interceptor increases the risk of forecourt flooding and the risk of pollutants contaminating the sewerage system or watercourse.

The build up of flammable residues is another risk to be avoided. In all fuel and oil dominated environments, spillage is inevitable. It is a fact that even the smallest drop of oil is enough to contaminate vast expanses of fill drainage and the watercourse.

Drainage and interceptor cleaning of petrol forecourts is a crucial part of pre-planned maintenance.

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) drainage and interceptor cleaning services ensures fuel and oil spills are contained. As part of this service, we will identify any current or potential problems that we find during the cleaning process. We recommend that this cleaning occur at approximately 6-month intervals.

Vehicle Wash/Silt Removal:

Vehicle Wash and Silt Removal is a highly effective method of unblocking drains and flushing silt in Rollover and Jet car washes. This is an important part of pre-planned maintenance for car washes. The utilisation of this service minimises downtime, thus increasing the amount of time the washes are open for business.

CCTV Drain and Pipe Inspection:

This technology-driven solution uses CCTV cameras to identify blockages and faults within drainage systems and pipes too small for other visual or manual inspections. Inspection recordings are available in either VHS or DVD formats. Full inspection reports are supplied as standard.

Confined Space:

At John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling), we use specifically designed equipment capable of accessing a wide range of areas from a storage tank to a 2 ft diameter pipe. We treat the hazards involved in this activity seriously and are acutely aware of the dangers involved including entrapment, flooding, suffocation and toxic or explosive gases. The safety of our customers, site environment and staff are paramount to us. Our highly trained engineers will constantly assess and monitor the progress of a situation to minimise the risk of possible dangers.

Emergency Services:

John Rome (Part of Slicker Recycling) operates a policy of priority response. We offer emergency response 24 hours a day in as little as 4 hours for existing customers.

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