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Gabe Ire Ltd

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Tel: 2882240391

Website: http://www.gabrielhughes.com

Email: g.mccaffrey@gabrielhughes.com


12 Church Street Omagh, TYR BT78 1DG United Kingdom


GABE have delivered structure refurbishments inside the square mile in the City of London, Fuel Storage Tank Refurbishments on the Northwest coast of Ireland, Complex Train Station Roof Refurbishments on the South Coast of England, Road Bridge replacements in the Highlands of Scotland and large Estuarine Bridge Refurbishments on the North-West Coast of Wales.

With over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of highly specialist services, our core activities include:
Grit Blasting
UHP Water Jetting
Scaffolding & Encapsulation
Concrete Repairs
Cathodic Protection
Traffic Management Services
Application of Specialist Coating Systems (anti-corrosion / anti-graffiti etc.)
Stone, Brick & Masonry Cleaning (Surface Preparation)
Internal/External Tank Preparation Lining and Painting
Stone, Brick & Masonry Repair (Replacement, Repointing etc.)
Fire-Protection including Intumescent Painting & Fire Stopping
Steel Replacement and Civil Engineering Works
Steel & Cast/Wrought Iron Repair and Maintenance (Surface Preparation, Grit Blasting and Replacement)
Design, supply, and installation of all forms of access, containment and enclosure systems

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