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9 Kelmscott Close Great Sutton Ellesmere Port, CH66 2ES United Kingdom


Emzotech Ltd is a Registered Water Jetting Association Training Provider and delivers the full range of training courses throughout the UK. The company uses WJA specifications to deliver safely the following modules:

Safety Awareness (SA)
Tube, Pipe & Bundle Cleaning (TP)
Surface Preparation (SP)
Drain and Sewer (DS)
Hydro-demolition (HD)
Pressure Washing (PW)
The WJA is seen as a world leading standard in water jetting and has developed Codes of Practice to keep jetting teams in the industry safe.

Candidates must successfully complete the Safety Awareness Course every three years to ensure that their training card remains valid, other modules can be added at any time as long as the training card remains up to date.

We now have a Pressure Washing (PW) module which is a stand-alone module and covers the safe operation of pressure washers that have the potential to generate up to 206 bar (3000psi) pressure or 22 litres per minute (5 Igpm) flow.

Emzotech provides Industrial Service Training delivered by John Jones who has 33 years’ experience in the industrial sector and has managed jetting teams and contracts on many “blue chip” contracts.

A key element to the training is to understand supervision, so that the team leader makes the right choices.

Leadership in jetting operations is critical to team performance and we will coach teams to deliver exceptional results.

Emzotech provides training and coaching throughout the UK and Internationally on request.

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