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Health and Safety

The WJA is deeply concerned about all matters regarding Health and Safety in the High Pressure Water Jetting Industry and has developed widely respected Codes of Practice for the Use of High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment which have gained worldwide acceptance and recognition.

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Health and Safety

The WJA has produced Medical Cards, Quick Reference Guides and Warning Signs giving advice on immediate action in the case of accidental personal injury whilst High Pressure Water Jetting is being undertaken.

A recent addition is the WJA Medical Algorithm which is available as a A2 Laminated Colour Poster in the Shop.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)

Any person working with a high-pressure water jetting system or working in its vicinity, must wear suitable protective clothing commensurate with the risk involved in the jetting operation.

It is essential that both employers and employees receive appropriate training in order to understand the selection criteria and need for protection.

When selecting the appropriate PPE to be worn, it is essential that a Risk Assessment is carried out in advance of commencing operations and that the correct selection is made relative to the pressure and flow rate being used and the potential hazard.

Penetration reduction protection PPE is available – these specialist ‘Water Jet’ PPE are intended to give protection for a limited period against brief accidental contact with a jet.

Manufactures of the PPE will provide recommendations for use based on the results of their tests of the PPE against various water jet impacts (i.e. different pressures, flows, nozzle sizes and types, swipe speed and stand-off distance) you must assess how the protective performance of the PPE matches your water jetting conditions.

The PPE will offer more protection against water flow from a multi-orifice rotary nozzle than the same water flow through a single nozzle. A single pencil Jet provides the highest hazard because it creates the most concentrated jet (i.e. the highest impact energy per unit area).

Operators must appreciate that PPE whilst lessening the likelihood of a severe injury will not give them complete protection and therefore high standards of training, supervision and operator vigilance will still be required.

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