CONSTRUCTION SKILLS CERTIFICATION SCHEME (CSCS) Accepts Water Jetting Association (WJA) Training Programme.


CSCS and the Water Jetting Association have agreed a new route to the CSCS Red Experienced Worker Card.

The Water Jetting Association Safety Awareness Training Programme has been approved as an equivalent to the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Associated Industrial Services Occupations (Water Jetting).

This means that from Wednesday 16th August 2017  the WJA Safety Awareness Training Programme will be accepted as an approved route to a 3 Year CSCS Red Experienced Worker Card.

Please note: The Standard Setting Body CITB will review the training programme before September 2018.

To apply using this route, you must have your Water Jetting Association Safety Awareness Training Certificate, a valid WJA Photo ID Card and have achieved one of the following WJA Modules:

  1. Drain and Sewer Jetting
  2. Surface Preparation, Cleaning and Jetting
  3. Tube Pipe and Bundle Jetting
  4. Hydro-demolition or Cutting & Breaking

You must also have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives within the 2 years prior to your application.

For more information on Water Jetting Occupations please visit the Card Finder tool on the CSCS website ( Simply enter your Water Jetting Occupation into Card Finder and follow the steps on the screen.