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Jetting Fatality At PSC In Kentucky, USA

Thursday 12 January 2012




Employee working at PSC in Kentucky was blasting with a 20K setup when the connection between the hose and the shotgun failed. The technician received a 4" water cut below his pectoral muscle and was dead within 90 minutes.

Take Away

When conducting hydro blasting service there is no room for short cuts. The consequence severity of a hydro blasting injury is very high with the ultimate being a fatality. We have safety systems in place that lower that risk factor to almost nothing. We must take each and every job serious and take the time to ensure all safety systems are in place. If we see anyone not following the procedure we should stop them.

This accident accentuates the importance of hose & fitting recognition along with testing & inspecting hose. We also need to shroud all high pressure connections held in close proximity to your body. This would include rigid lancing as well as hand held jetting.
The core hose on a shroud assembly is used on almost every H/B job. We need to make sure that the core hose in all jetting gun shroud assemblies is inspected monthly, tested quarterly & replaced at least annually. Make sure the outer shroud maintains coverage over the high pressure connection between the core hose & the gun.


An unsafe act effects more than just you!!

Safety begins with you